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Artisan Garden Group - Soil, Mulch, Sand & Gravel Delivery Service


To be recognized as a valued supplier and delivery company of premium landscape products in the Greater Vancouver Area.


Always provide our local communities with a great selection of products with the highest quality while providing excellent customer service through our sales and deliveries.

Since the inception of the Artisan Garden Group comprised of Artisan Landscaping (now 778-TOP-SOIL), Artisan Transport, Firewood Vancouver & It’s About Thyme Nursery, our main goal is to always provide our local communities with a great selection of landscaping products and materials with the highest quality while providing excellent customer service through our sales and deliveries.

Who is Artisan?

We are family-owned and operated for over 34 years! It all started in 1986, Vancouver invited the world to join us for EXPO ’86 and Stephen and Ingrid Beattie had spent two years prior working on the Skytrain walkway from Patterson to the 22nd Street Station creating their love for landscape work. It was then when they decided to formally take their passion and turn it into a business so they could generate a modest income, do some satisfying work and have the opportunity to watch our two small sons grow.

It began with a truck and a dream!


As our business expanded, so did our family participation. It was not long before one of our sons, Jordan Beattie started JB Trucking and turned a small one-truck delivery service into a fleet of five trucks servicing the Lower Mainland (now called Artisan Transport) with small load deliveries of soil and gravel from 1 cubic yard to as many as 12 cubic yards depending on the material.


While we were delivering landscape materials to contractors and residential customers, Ingrid was building her own flourishing garden business called It’s About Thyme Nursery. Here she rooted her nursery on 1.3 acres of land in Burnaby and created an environment where gardeners and landscapers alike could browse our collection of premium plants, shrubs, grasses, groundcovers, caliper trees and so much more, presented in a grouping fashion to inspire new designs and ideas.


In the early 2000’s, the Artisan group of companies grew yet again as Artisan Transport increased their winter coverage by offering snow removal and salting services and Stephen ,now referred to as ‘Pops’ from his growing extended family, created Firewood Vancouver as a full-service firewood provider of premium hardwoods from BC.


Today the Beattie family has yet again expanded its organization by adding their other son Kyle Beattie to the team who is now overseeing Business Development and helping the organization grow as one entity – the Artisan Garden Group.


Our History

January 1986

Stephen Beattie and Ingrid started Artisan Landscaping Maintenance

  • The vision was created! Initially catering to our neighbours and local homeowners but as our reputation grew, we became a commercial contractor dealing with a portfolio of large corporations such as McDonalds Restaurants, Wall Financial Group, ICBC, and BCBC Housing to name a few.
  • Landscaping Services became Services and Supply providing materials, delivery and maintenance for customers throughout the Lower Mainland

February 2007

Jordan Beattie started JB Services Trucking

  • With a truck and a tireless work ethic, Jordan was delivering landscape materials throughout the Lower Mainland 7 days a week to both residential and commercial customers. In quick order, he began landing mid-sized trucking contracts with a number of local businesses for which he still delivers for today 14 years later.

October 2007

Ingrid Beattie created It's About Thyme Nursery

  • As the landscape business continued to thrive, Ingrid took her vision to the next level and found an oasis on Meadow Ave and decided to create her nursery: It’s About Thyme. Sitting on 1.3 acres of agricultural land, from day one, her boutique nursery features premium perennials, shrubs, caliper and specimen trees and so much more.

May 2010

Stephen 'Pops' Beattie started wood whispering and created Firewood Vancouver

  • While providing and delivering topsoil with Artisan Landscaping, Stephen found a number of our customers were developing backyards into living spaces which included fire pits and fireplaces. The natural progression was to start providing and delivering firewood.
  • Loggers, wood lots, drying sheds and Okanagan orchards later, Stephen has created a storefront-like environment to buy premium hardwoods 12 months a year.

March 2016

JB Services expanded and became Artisan Transport

  • Thousands of drops of topsoil, mulch, gravel and firewood later...Jordan expanded his fleet of trucks and business rebranding as Artisan Transport and being the trucking arm of Artisan Landscaping.
  • Jordan was also able to expand his snow plowing and salting winter services to three trucks

December 2020

Each of these companies merged into the Beattie Family Holdings which is now known today as the Artisan Garden Group

  • With the Nursery ‘blooming’ and our landscaping material sales experiencing year-over-growth, so did the Artisan Transport business grow. The vision of providing a full 360 degree service to our customers was realized when our four branches became one.

Artisan Garden Group is a family run business, serving its local community since 1986. We take great pride in being a leading provider of landscape products such as topsoil, vegetable blended soil, compost, mulch, gravel and sand.

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