Our Topsoil Products

Whether you're looking to make your lawn look like the fairways at Augusta or taking your garden to the next level with extra rich nutrients, we have a wide supply of topsoil for any of your landscaping needs.



Good for lawn dressing, flower or vegetable gardens and ground leveling.


Fertile soil needs to contain a good balance of nutrients.


Well used for years by local master gardeners, food-focused landscapers, municipality garden programs and community gardens.

Topsoil Overview

Most of our topsoil is organic and provides a high source of nutrients for your lawn or garden. Our organic vegetable blend is one of our most popular products (sometimes referred to as “Black Magic”) as it is a blend of organic soil amender, mushroom manure and composted materials. We love doing our part to help the planet by giving you the best quality soil for your garden. Our double screened lawn dressing is also very popular which combines our organic soil amender with 60% washed Sechelt sand which gives this material its clean and silky texture.

Small Load Deliveries

Artisan Transport delivers all landscape materials from a variety of top soils, mulches, sand, rock and gravel and only require a one cubic-yard minimum for delivery.

Not Sure How Much You Need?

Use our calculator to find out what your project will require.


Artisan Garden Group is a family run business, serving its local community since 1986. We take great pride in being a leading provider of landscape products such as topsoil, vegetable blended soil, compost, mulch, gravel and sand.

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