Community Fundraising

We have created a unique environmentally friendly fundraising program that helps community groups & non-for-profit organizations raise funds.


For over 25 years, the Artisan Garden Group team are long-time proud New Westminster residents who have supported and volunteered with minor sports associations, youth groups & non-for-profit organizations in the Royal City & throughout the Lower Mainland.

Program Overview

To extend our community involvement, we have created a unique fundraising program that is environmentally friendly and entirely turn-key so sports leagues, schools, community groups & non-for-profit organizations can raise funds in these financially challenging times.

We wanted to provide an alternative to the standard chocolates, cookies and Pub Nights by providing meaningful and practical landscaping materials that are useful throughout the entire calendar year.

Key elements of the fundraising partnership platform:

  • No up-front costs / No inventory required
  • COVID friendly implementation, execution & distribution
  • Diverse / functional product portfolio for customers
  • High yield / earning potential with minimal / no external administration required

Earn up to $5 per product!

All materials and products sold will earn your group up to $5 per product! Fundraisers are designed for cooperative participation so depending on the event, Artisan will facilitate easy-to-handle bagging stations for your group. Along with a little bagging, all that’s left is sharing the word through social media and word of mouth to all of your friends and family.

Based on a registration or a contact list of 300+ individuals, if each individual sold 2 products, your group would raise over $3000!

# participants X 2 - $5/product = $3,000

Example: 300 X 2 X $5 = $3,000.00

A variety of seasonal products are available for fundraising opportunities. These products will range from small pack bags of soil and mulch, to apple juice and coffee or firewood and enviro-friendly de-icer bags.

If chosen, all orders can be processed through our dedicated fundraising website with donation amounts to be allocated to your respective Organization at the conclusion of each campaign.


Organic Vegetable Blend Topsoil


BC Fruitwood Bags of Firewood


All-Natural Apple Juice from Okanagan


Ice Beeter Enviro-Responsible De-Icer

Enquire about products and pricing at

Some of the Fundraising Partners we’ve worked with to date:


Artisan Garden Group is a family run business, serving its local community since 1986. We take great pride in being a leading provider of landscape products such as topsoil, vegetable blended soil, compost, mulch, gravel and sand.

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