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Good for under concrete pads and pavement, unpaved roads and shoulders. Ideal for pavers and patios as well as sandboxes and playgrounds.


Mixed with soil for lawn leveling and drainage, acts as bonding agent for concrete and construction or clean and silky for recreational use.


Well-used in the concrete industry, agriculture, landscaping and by recreational projects.

Sand - A Brief Description

We offer all of the essential sand types for construction or recreational uses. Our construction sand is used for the production of concrete, as well as paver installation, road underlay and fill purposes. Our finer masonry or stucco sand also has many uses for construction as well as being used for swimming pools, outdoor volleyball courts and children’s sandboxes.

Small Load Deliveries

Artisan Transport delivers all landscape materials from a variety of top soils, mulches, sand, rock and gravel and only require a one cubic-yard minimum for delivery.

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Artisan Garden Group is a family run business, serving its local community since 1986. We take great pride in being a leading provider of landscape products such as topsoil, vegetable blended soil, compost, mulch, gravel and sand.

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